Lawn Maintenance Services

Commercial & Residential Services


      J.P. Bond / Southern Distinction Magazine

   All of our grounds maintenance services are tailored to

   the specific needs and desires of the home owner or

   business entity. In this day and age, we understand the

   importance of your time, money and peace of mind---

   which is why we pride ourselves as being an 



   Offering every possible landscape-related service that may

   be needed by our customers for convenience, we are able

    to consolidate several phone call into one. Thus ensuring

   that all requests are not only met, but exceeded and within

   their budget restraints and time schedules. Let us know

   how we can help make your life less stressful by adding

   lawn maintenance services today!






Biweekly or Weekly Maintenance Contracts Offered

Services are Tailored to Individual Properties to Provide Custom Service Program

Maintenance Services Offered:

- Lawn Mowing

- Edging of all Sidewalks, Driveways & Hard Surfaces

- Shrub & Ornamental Tree Trimming

- Weed Control throughout Natural Areas & Planting Beds

- Leaf & Debris Removal

- Chemical Applications (for turf areas & tree/shrub applications)

- Weed-eating as necessary

- Blow-off of entire property